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Companies are no longer running on single platforms such as Windows. Today, your company supports desktop, phones, tablets and emerging technologies such as smartwatches. Many business are now supporting many platforms with the leaders being Windows, Web, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.


  • With careful planning around 50%-80% code reuse can be realized across-platforms. This results in faster development and reduced costs.
  • Cross-platform development provides more benefits during the maintenance period. If a bug is found in a common codebase it needs to be fixed only once.
  • Unit tests are required to be written only once for the common code, hence the saved budget can be used to write more thorough unit tests.
  • It is possible to use existing programming talent rather than learning platform specific development language.
  • Ideal for B2B apps and business process automation apps, where time to deployment and efficient utilization of resources is more important than sleek look and feel.